Thursday, 28 March 2013

Evaluation Question 7

Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product.

Here is a preliminary of my preliminary where we practiced some shots to see what they look like on camera and give us some ideas as to what we could do for our preliminary task. I added some titles to show what sort of shot each one is to help us.

Here is my preliminary task where we put our filming knowledge that we had learnt to practice. The task helped me see what shots look like on camera, how to use final cut and how to export the video. With the combination of this and other inspiration clips,we saw what shots we could include and where to include them. I learnt that camera position if crucial because at the end, it is difficult to see what is going on in the room. We could have improved this by changing the angle or position of the camera.

From our preliminary task, we made a recreation of the beginning of Juno's opening sequence. This allowed us to use everything we knew and apply it to our video. I used LiveType to create the titles which gave it animation and made it more interesting. I found it a challenge to use the software but i did so successfully. The main aspect that I took away from this is the order of titles. I learnt what order they should go in and how they can go over the image and I could move them using the wire frame.


Before creating our Main thriller opening, we watched some clips that could be inspirational to us and learnt about narrative theories so we could decide if we wanted to follow them and conventions or challenge them.

Here are some pictures of our story board in early stages. From the Juno recreation, we learnt how important a story board is and how the detail can help. We wrote down everything we needed to know about the shots such as the angle, whats happening, camera movement and so on.

Here is my rough cut. I began editing on the beginning section but the whole thing is pretty rough.

I asked my target audience what they thought of my rough cut and used their feedback to change sections and improve them. This is a rough cut before I created my soundtrack. I wanted to use my inspirations with a combination of what the audience thought would work well with the film content.

From this stage, I made my sound track on garage band and began playing around with it until I came to something I liked. I then had to export it on SoundBooth and import that version onto my final cut timeline.

Overall, all of this came together to build my final product. i do feel it was a success even though there were many aspects I could have improved upon. I learnt a lot about technology and the film industry throughout this course and i have tried to apply everything I've learnt to get to this stage.

Evaluation Question 6

Evaluation Question 5


This is an annotated version of my thriller opening to show how I attracted/addressed my audience.

        This is a scene from The Tourist which has an inspiring exchange where an envelope is placed on the table, with smooth and sly movement which is influential to our exchange. (From 6.15 onwards)

Here are a few videos of what people I asked said about my thriller opening:


Monday, 25 March 2013

Evaluation Question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


Here is some extra research that I had previously found out about Vertigo Films:

Vertigo is known as the leading British independent film and distribution company. They currently make more films per year than any other film company. They go into almost every genre such as thriller, comedy, horror, family films and many more which makes them so suitable. They take pride in their breaking new talents and emerging creativity. 
The company finances/ co-finances for a variety of budgets. It is the co-owner of Protagonist Pictures, although its films are not exclusive to the company.
Protagonist Pictures is commercially minded and thrive for creativity as do vertigo making it perfect for independent films.

Vertigo films seems to be most suitable and shows wonderful successes considering their flexibility. They have been part of production and distribution of very well known and successful British films such as StreetDance 2, StreetDance 3D, Horrid Henry, The inbetweeners, The Kings Speech and many more. 

Evaluation Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?
I looked at our main female character and who she would have similarities with. The first character that I feel shares many similarities with is Angelina Jolie in ‘Salt’. Salt is an action thriller spy film which is very much similar to our film opening.

Angelina Jolie is shown as a strong independent woman who is being accused of being a Russian spy and is constantly on the run in an attempt to get away and clear her name. The difference between their roles is that Angelina Jolie is innocent whereas our main character is an antagonist agent but with the similarities of them both women on the run. The look of both characters is very similar with the fair skin, greenish eyes, long hair and similar makeup. The only major difference between the two characters is the hair colour and ethnicity. Our character has a typical spy/agent look with the black clothing (black jacket and trousers) and hair out however, she has brown hair rather than black which differs from stereotypes as well as her being Hindu (brown) rather than a white woman. Many action thriller films with females as the main character (including Salt) portray them in a sexy stereotypical way which we wanted to escape from and did so by keeping our characters look very simple. The women in most thrillers are either innocent, trying to protect someone/something or have help from others. We chose to break this convention had keep the female character independent who has male companions but does not need help from them, suggesting the strength of women in modern society.
In addition to all this, a major difference between the two characters is their age. Angelina Jolie is a lot older and mature looking whereas our character is only 17. I tried to look slightly older to give it a more professional feel but it was difficult due to my age.  

Another character that shares similarities to our character is Jason Bourne from The Bourne movies such as The Bourne Supremacy. The film is also pretty much the same sort of genre to ours and Salt. Jason Bourne is a former CIA assassin who has suffered from amnesia over the sequels. The story line is differs from ours as he focuses on attempting to gain more information about himself and his past as he is involved in a conspiracy which the CIA are a part of. A similarity in story line is that he is on the run as well as our character however, he is on the run as he is being accused and framed of stealing documents, on theft of $20million in allocation money whereas our character is guilty and is doing it to gain money.
The main difference between the two characters is their gender and age gap. We chose to have a female as our main character to break stereotypical representations and conventions of characters. The dress sense is once again very much similar to Jolie’s in Salt and our character (black clothing). The similarities between Jason Bourne and our character suggest that women in modern society are just as strong and able as men and should not be underestimated, breaking the stereotypical image of women.


All of these factors pull together to link to my target audience. I feel as though it appeals to my target audience of 15+ because of the modern and young look of the character. Having a female character in comparison to a male character offers the young generation a different experience rater than watching a stereotypical form of a male.